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Dear Sloanies,   As many of you already know, Mexico suffered yesterday a 7.1 magnitude earthquake taking casualties and causing massive damage to Mexico City, Morelos, and Puebla.     

Being part of this exceptional community engaged with the world, we would like to support Mexico by donating some funds for helping those citizens affected by the horrendous event, as well as volunteers from multiple organizations.  

We have been investigating the best and more efficient way to redirect your donation. We found a Mexican Financial Institution (Banorte) that will double the funds we collect and deposit on the Red Cross' official accounts.  

Please be generous.  Remember that a small amount in dollars represents an enormous amount of Mexican pesos.  So please don’t hesitate, even the smallest donation will be appreciated.  

Thank you very much!   #MexicoFuerte #PrayforMexico  

Mireli, Eduardo A., and Eduardo G. EMBAs '18

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