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Created by Carlos Sauceda
we connect opportunities with purpose
Created by Liza Velarde
Next-generation cancer diagnostics and treatment monitoring.
Created by Oliver Banini
Revolutionizing Payday in Mexico
Created by Alessandro Cambon
All in one. Social, Business & Delivery
Created by Juan Arnau
Kazali is the property manager software that centralize communication, transactions and documents on rentals to generate data for owners.
Created by Pol Morral
Your next hire in 10 minutes or less
Created by Gustavo Camacho
Labbox is a medical services solutions that integrates on-demand products with scalability into predictive health info
Created by Tuto Assad
Vitau is an online pharmacy for patients with chronic diseases
Created by Masor
El dinero será donado a las organizaciones Conservación San Lorenzo y Profauna, y será destinado materiales de reconstrucción.