Despensas para el sur de Nuevo Leon

By Dibujando Sonrisas

With your help we will support 1,100 families in the south of Nuevo León with food pantries, they are struggling with the current situation.

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Dibujando Sonrisas
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Dibujando Sonrisas

About this project

2020 is a different year for everyone and also for Drawing Smiles, for our sponsors who support us, our volunteers and above all for the people who are in the communities who are waiting for our help.

We know that we have the support of many people and that like every year they are willing to support our godchildren.

This year our campaign is focused on collecting funds to set up pantries that will be delivered to families living in the marginalized rural area of southern Nuevo León. Our goal is 1,100 pantries, one for each family. Each pantry has a value of $ 580.00 pesos and contains 37 basic pantry items.

This pantry will help families improve their diet and contribute to their quality of life, seeking to alleviate concern about the lack of resources that exist in the area.

Drawing Smiles was born in 2005. We started by bringing gifts to children who lived in marginalized areas of Monterrey and for the last 10 years we have been seeking help to reach people who live in marginalized rural areas. This has made us travel to ejidos in Nuevo León and Coahuila, providing the help that thousands of godparents give us year after year.

Each year we benefit approximately 500 children and 300 seniors. Each child receives 8 gifts consisting of clothes, shoes, a blanket and a toy; each older adult receives a jacket, scarf, blanket and pantry. Each gift comes from a different sponsor.

This year, the pandemic prevents us from collecting and delivering gifts, but the need persists in those areas and as every year we seek the help of the thousands of godparents who support us to draw smiles.

This year 2020, Drawing Smiles will only carry out the pantry campaign, hoping next year to continue with our scheme from previous years.

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