High Energy-High Concentration Pre Workout

por Marcelo

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Finalizó en Julio 19, 2019

Maximize Pre-workout efficiency providing not only high energy, but also Nootropic technology that will increase cognitive ability.

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Sobre este Proyecto

We are a group of friends from University passionate about technology and fitness 
  • Jose Andres, Marcelo, Alejandro and Lejia
  • We are all 22 years old
  • We grew up in Monterrey, Mexico
  • We enjoy chemistry and creating new products
  • Motivated, Energetic, Creative
  • What we are most passionate about is creating a value product that will revolutionize the way people train
  • Naturally, we've had many obstacles, but we keep putting in the work and achieving results

Our Motto:    Strive for greatness 

We had the idea when two of us were at the gym and one, having ADHD had to take his medicine. We thought what would happen if he took the pills as well as the pre workout. We then decided to create the ultimate converged product of concentration and energy

The technology is already in place we just need the resources to complete the product. We just need 150K start manufacturing.

We want to give back for all the help we receive so we want you to send us your name and address and we want to send you a free sample as soon as we produce the first ones.

The most important thing about life is not what you live, but how you live it. 
Why not live with energy and focus

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