¡Salvemos a las Especies! Semana de la Tierra Xignux

By Responsabilidad Social Xignux

With your contribution we will support The Desert Museum, in the conservation of threatened and endangered species.

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Museo del Desierto

About this project

EARTH WEEK 2021 AT XIGNUX - Save the Species
Today the loss of species is between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate (the species that would become extinct without human action. Source WWF International)

We must take action to save and protect species threatened with extinction. It is our responsibility!

This year, the collaborators of the Xignux companies will support the Desert Museum, which has a sanctuary for the protection and reproduction of endangered Mexican species, such as the Mexican wolf, the bighorn sheep, the American bison, the prairie dog, among other.

We invite you to make a donation in this online campaign.

Thank you very much for joining!
Xignux Social Responsibility.

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