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By frida fernanda

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Monterrey, Nuevo León is one of the most polluted cities in México. Let’s neutralize polluting particles together!

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About this project

Pollumesh started thanks to an interdisciplinary project of the University of Monterrey and the Dutch artist Daan Roosegaarde, following the M.A.Y.A. methodology. (Most Advanced Yet Acceptable). Smog Free Project is a Studio Roosegaarde campaign to reduce air pollution and provide an experience of a clean future. Pollumesh is part of this Project with the first billboard prototype that cleans air pollution known as “Smog Eating Billboard”. This campaign is also composed by projects like Smog Free Tower, the tower that cleans 30,000 cubic meters per hour, the Smog Free Ring, made of compressed smog particles, and the Smog Free Bicycle, an innovative bicycle that inhales polluted air, cleans it, and releases clean air around the cyclist.  See link: 

Pollumesh is the result of a year effort and work in “Air, Earth and Water Project” workshop of the University of Monterrey in collaboration with Daan Roosegaarde. It was developed in 2019 by a multidisciplinary team formed by women concerned about our planet, conformed by two Industrial Designers, one Sustainable Innovation and Energy Engineer and one Architect.

Nine out of ten people are now breathing polluted air, and the lack of effective initiatives by companies have been insufficient. Our city is currently affected by two problems, air pollution and visual pollution, being part of the first places not only at a national level, but also in Latin America. With this billboard we will improve air quality, as well as create awareness in people and generate a response with a real impact to let know companies the solutions is here and that they can start creating solutions to reduce the impact they have done to our environment and society. 

Right now we’re participating in different global and international accelerator programs such as “The Global Accelerator Hult Prize” that will take place on United Kingdom and New York City, “Social Business Creation” in Canada 2021, and also Enactus 2020. 

With 60 thousand Mexican pesos we seek to design this billboard, installing it in the best location with the largest possible audience as well as in the place where more particles are neutralized.We hope that the money will be raised in two months, if we create this the billboard will be installed in October 2020.

-For every 400 mexican pesos you will receive a certificate showing the equivalence of how much you contributed in square meters to clean air

-For every 2000 mexican pesos you will receive a certificate showing the equivalence of how much you contributed in square meters to clean air and the logo of your company will be recognized in our web page 

Let people know in your social media you participated in the creation for the smog eating billboard in México and you're cleaning the polluted air with Pollumesh in our city!

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