Un Futuro para Gervasio

By Tulum Rotary

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This Project Ended on July 12, 2019

With your help, Gervasio will be able to continue his university studies and develop alternative tourism programs towards his Mayan communit

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Tulum Rotary

About this project

Tulum Rotary Club is a non-profit organization that has worked for 4 years in the municipality of Tulum, helping in different causes of health, support for the women's economy, care of the environment, and other causes. We are in direct relationship with the people with whom we collaborate, and we do what we can.
Our intervention with Gervasio, will be to promote that he obtains the means to go to the University that he has selected and offers the career he wants with good standards. This university is friendly for children from rural communities, and it is in a city that he knows and can move, so that he could also visit his family from time to time because of the proximity and means of transportation to his town.

Our job will be to ensure that Gervasio fulfills its mission to complete the university, and that the funds collected are appropriately managed for this purpose. We are confident that he will achieve his goal, since he is determined to leave his village, leave his family for a while, and return to improve his community.

We know Gervasio and his family for 4 years. A year ago he finished high school and since then he is waiting and looking for help to go to college; it was also the period of accommodation of his family to do without the help of Gervasio in the day of the milpa. We went to 2 scholarships organizations for students, but the waiting list is long, so having had previous experience with inixar, we decided to launch this initiative to achieve the collection of resources to the general public.

Gervasio is a young man of 20 who lives in a Mayan town of Yaxche, about two hours from Tulum. He has achieved what most children in his town have never achieved: he graduated from high school with a high academic average. The dream of Gervasio is to be able to study tourism in a university near the city of Valladolid. But, this is not a possibility for a family like Gervasio's. With three disabled brothers, he was the one who supported the family by helping his father with the cornfield in his land. The only sustenance of the family comes from the crops, so it is a daily struggle to feed and clothe your entire family. Gervasio is an intelligent and highly motivated young man who will study hard and return to his village with an education that can impact not only his family, but all his people. He already has many ideas on how to implement agricultural and cultural tourism in his town, which will bring much needed funds to all the inhabitants. With the world changing so fast, it is important that indigenous children have the same opportunity as other children to continue their education and help their communities.

We want to set a precedent of hope for the children of the Mayan community. Let them know that they can finish an average education and aspire to professional education.

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