What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding of donation is a way to raise money, awareness, or support for a project through a website.

It allows you to easily invite your family, friends, or every person around the world, to participate in your projects with their online contributions, to reach a goal together in a certain time, so you can turn your ideas into reality.


  1. You can validate your idea by showing that many people want to contribute to make it happen.
  2. You can avoid the banking bureaucracy that can happen if you request a loan to carry out your project.
  3. You avoid giving shares of your project; this means that you are the complete owner of your idea.
  4. Crowdfunding of donation is for life. The community that you create will be able to continue supporting the following projects that you launch.

How it Works?

  1. Get an Idea: Everything starts with an idea. It can be personal, an entrepreneurship, or a cause.
  2. Create your Project: Tell your story in the most original way, and prepare the page of your project with an excellent content.
  3. Tell your Crowd: Share everywhere; spread your message and ask for support.
  4. Hit your Target: Turn your idea into reality. Send updates, give thanks, and prepare perks.